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Tire & Wheel Repairs

Your fleet deserves good tires and wheels that provide the mileage you expect and the comfortable ride and safe handling your professional drivers deserve. At Sun Valley Diesel & Auto, we provide a variety of tire and wheel services for construction equipment, diesel trucks, freight haulers, and heavy-duty trucks.

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Tires & Wheels Repair

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Wheel Alignments


Heavy Truck Repair in Harrisburg, PA

Looking for a commercial service center offering heavy-truck alignments?  Sun Valley Diesel & Auto has state-of-the-art alignment systems to correct the suspension angles of your commercial tires and wheels.

Time vs Cost: When it comes to fleet management, there's always the question of whether the downtime is worth the benefits. Misalignment can cause irregular tire wear and handling problems. On the other hand, there's extra time and labor involved in a full alignment. Some fleet managers compromise and align the steer tires only. It's recommended you check your trailer tire alignment as well. Improper alignment can cause tires to scrub, resulting in faster wear.

Tires are one of the most expensive costs for any fleet. Wheel alignments can save on tire replacement costs and improve fuel efficiency. This is because wheels in proper alignment have less rolling resistance. Alignments also prevent added stress on the suspension system caused by misalignment.

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Wheel Balancing


Imbalanced tires show signs of their travels on their tread. If you see scalloping, it's a sign of a weight imbalance. At Sun Valley Diesel & Auto, we perform wheel balancing services for a smoother ride and longer lasting tires. Our truck wheel balancers pinpoint weight differentiation within the tire and wheel assembly, so our service technicians can correct it.  The smallest difference in weight within an assembly can cause a great amount of damage and annoyance. 

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Tire Rotations


The steer, drive, and rear tires all wear at different rates depending on where they were installed. During a tire rotation service, a technician changes the position of the tires so they wear at a more uniform rate. Rotating your tires is an effective way to increase tire longevity.

If you're worried about downtime, consider having your truck tires rotated while the truck is in the shop for brakes or another service. Scheduling maintenance and mechanical services at one time can save you from making multiple appointments or risking the temptation to skip rotations on your fleet vehicles.

In addition to extending tread life, adding tire rotations to your fleet maintenance schedule can improve your gas mileage.

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